Agri Sambath Khmer

Solar And Wind Hybrid Irrigation Systems

We at Surya Agrotech deliver state-of-art turnkey solar and wind hybrid pumping solutions. We are committed to each customer and the community, to quality installations, and to make “Going Green Solutions” an effortless experience. We strive for win-win scenarios with our customers.
From small farm to large farm, from a small project to large project, from the surface to submersible systems, the company has been delivering to all sorts of customer base with its astute engineering approach. We specialize in providing custom solutions proactively with a scientific approach to every aspect- from cost-benefit to technology implementation. Irrigation is inevitable for agriculture. However, lack of grid power in rural areas prevents farmers to use pumps, reducing productivity. Diesel-based pumps come with high running costs associated with them and are a major cause of pollution.

The Range of SOLAR ENERGY and Wind Turbines hybrid irrigation system starts from 1 KW to 20 KW. It also can be customized and designed based on customers’ requirements. Today SOLAR& WIND HYBRID SYSTEM is the best bankable renewable energy power solution for your green energy applications.
We, at Surya Agrotech, cater to this particular need using an alternative source of green, carbon-free and natural energy- solar and wind power