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Nine Companies Led by Agri-SambathKhmer Join Forces to Launch ASK Agriculture 4.0 Master Plan

Phnom Penh, Jan. 22 – Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Agri-SambathKhmer Co., Ltd, PLMP Venture Capital Co., Ltd, Phillip Bank PLC, Phillip General Insurance PLC, Cambodia Agriculture Cooperative Federation, B2O Group, International Standard Business Plan Association, Vision Farm (CAMBODIA) Development Co., Ltd, Tekdeysovanphum Organization (TDSP) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 21 January 2022, to join strategic cooperation in promoting ASK Agriculture 4.0 Master Plan 2030 initiative with Minister of Agriculture effort to support establishment of partnership to develop 10 000 greenhouses to promote safe vegetable supply chains in line with Cambodia Good Agricultural Practices (CamGAP) standards under the honorable presences of honorable Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Veng Sakhon.

Cambodia is still importing large amounts of Agriculture products despite having large agriable land with quality water resources and good microclimate as mentioned by the Minister of agriculture on the 3 Jan 2022 stating the shortage of safe vegetable supply remains a challenge for local markets and require cooperation of all stakeholders, private and public sector to solve the problem.

Thus, this MoU aims to launch ASK Agriculture 4.0 Greenhouse Master Plan development in providing long term solutions with the strong support of our government and cooperation of our people to build 10,000 greenhouses by 2030 which will produce minimum of 400 thousand tons of safe vegetables every year not only provide food security to Cambodia market and also becoming net exporters of vegetables to the region growing demand.

ASK long-term plans also focus on developing ASK Foodtech Hub collaborating technical know-how and knowledge transfer application from the leading agriculture countries to improve the quality of leafy and fruit vegetables with superior quality, competitive price, and strong supply chain providing direct and indirect jobs to 60,000 (Sixty thousand) workforces. ASK and PLMP Venture Capital had also signed a partnership agreement on 4th January 2022 with Phillip Bank to provide 20,000 (Twenty thousand) students loans over the next 10 years for overseas agriculture training and jobs offer upon graduation.

ASK is envision to be a leader in Agriculture 4.0 development in Greenhouse and Foodtech Hub creating great investment and contract farming opportunities to both local and overseas investors. These great initiatives will help promote and motivate young generation to evolve into “Agropreneurs” innovating Cambodia into a great agriculture powerhouse for the World.

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