Agri Sambath Khmer

GreenHouse Solution

A Greenhouse— a sophisticated, precision engineered, solid-state, controlled climate growing space that provides optimum conditions for crop growth. There are numerous examples of the “brains” behind Einstein greenhouses. The greenhouse cultivation is constantly changing: new technologies are designed to improve crop yields and solve problems that occur commonly in controlled environments, resulting in increased costs and hours of work required.

Natural Ventilated Greenhouse with 10% Top Ventilation:

Features of this structure:

  • Tropical Design: Column runs up to top of the Greenhouse to ensure maximum strength to the structure.
  • Anchoring Foundation Column: Formation level of Greenhouse is perfectly maintained in concrete ensures resting of the main column on concrete.
  • G.I. Pipes structure with Hinge Joint: G.I. Pipe members are joined to each other by means of clamps, angle brackets & nut bolts which ensures more strength against the vibrations caused by wind.
  • 8 mtr. X 4 mtr. Structure Grid: Multi-span structure having 8 mtr. Truss span and 4 mtr. The distance between two trusses.
  • 10% Top Ventilation: 800 mm clear opening placed at the top to ensure better ventilation and 600 mm overlap to avoid direct entry of sunlight into Greenhouse.
  • Aerodynamic Shape along Periphery: This shape is given to drift away wind flow and minimize the wind impact on the sides of Greenhouse to ensure maximum strength of structure against the wind.
  • 4.6 mtr. Gutter Height: This height is from foundation formation Level to bottom of Gutter. The total height of the structure is 6.5 mtr.
  • Curtain opening along periphery: This system allows to minimize or maximize side ventilation as per the requirement and ensures outside cold air to flow inside and push inside hot air to outside from top ventilation. Also by closing side, ventilation one can block Co2 exhausted by plant inside the Greenhouse during the night & use the same in morning to increase photosynthesis of the plant.
  • Curtain Flap Controls: Avoids the outside flapping of polythene curtain ensures more life of the side polythene